Talvikki Äkräs / CV
Facebook-Visual artist Talvikki Äkräs                                2019-02-18

Born in.1978-07-29

2013 Satakunta University of Applied Sciences/Bachelor of Fine Arts
2011 Saimaa university of Applied Sciences/studies of Fine Arts


2018 Dual Exhibition, First Landings, (whit Juha-Veli Äkräs), Laterna Magica, Helsinki
2018 Solo Exhibition, `First Landings`, Gallery of Kankaanpää, Finland
2016 Group Exhibition, Printmaking Biennale Douro, Portugal
2015 Sculptors and printmakers Sales Exhibition, Kaapelitehdas, Hki, Finland
2014 Solo Exhibition, `Evening Stroll`, Galleria Ronga, Tre, Finland
2014 Group Exhibition, Printmaking in, Nordic Tracks, Pärnu Museum, Pärnu
2013 Group Exhibition, Yhteenvetoja, Rauma Art Museum, Finland
2012 Solo Exhibition, `The force of gravity`, Culture House Virta, Imatra, Finland
2012 Group Exhibition, `Plain air`, Kankaanpää Art School Gallery, Finland
2011 Group Exhibition, `Perfect puddle` performance and works, Tietotalo, Imatra, finland

2016 Solo Performance, `Obsessed relax`, Happy Failure Perfo!rmanssifiesta Tre, Finland
2015 Solo Performance,`The compiler of the page`, Kankaanpää Art Week, Finland
2014 Solo-, Duetto-(whit Nina Yared Mex.) and Group Performances (NonGrata), Diverse Universum-tour, Pori, Pietarsaari, Vaasa, Jyväskylä
2013 Group Performance, Non Grata-group, Imatra Art Museum, Finland
2013 Duetto of two Solo Performances (whit Peppe Roswik) as `Yasmin`, Nordic-Baltic performance-tour, Gallery Huuto, Hki, Finland
2011 Group Performance (NonGrata) as `A pregnant`, Diverse Universe-tour at Perf-11, Pori, Finland
2009 Investigative Solo Performance `Two months without speaking`, Imatra, Finland

Grants and Scholarships
2016 Working grant for 3 months, Taike, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2014 Working grant for 4 months, Taike, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
2013 Kankaanpaa Art Association`s scholarship
2013 Satakunta University of applied sciences, an Art School scholarship

2013 `Yö`/`Night`, in the collection of Kankaanpaa Art Association

Artist residencies
2014 Albatross residence, Santa Catalina, Guancha ,Tenerife
2014 Non grata -academy, Pärnu

Professionall Experience
2015 Project management, performance art workshops, the community art campus, Samk
2012 Graphic Artist, print-serie for Irma Mäkinen
2011 The Community Artist,`A Hundred Warm Heart`-project, Jäminjärvi and Kankaanpaa
2009 The exhibition superviser, Pihatto-Gallery, Lappeenranta, Finland
2002 Photo and Performance Art leader of the club, Koskela Youth-house, Hki, Finland
1999 -2002 Assistant,`Kalevala`-mosaic, inviromental-project, for a Suburb Artist`s Milla Sundell

The Specific Knowledge Applied graphics and silk screening, plexy- and collage-works, performance-art, singersongwrite and jazz- piano

Memberships 2015 – 2017, 2019 The Assosiation of Finnish Printmakers



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